Omron HJ-203

The Omron HJ-203 Pocket Pedometer with Activity Tracker is the latest and best pedometer from Omron.  The HJ-203 offers new features that the previous Omron Walking Style Pedometers do not have such as activity tracker, auto stride calculation, battery sleep mode, and a 10,000 step symbol.  For those who like colors, the HJ-203 comes in black, purple, pink and yellow.

The Omron HJ-203 Pocket Pedometer with Activity Tracker is definitely the best motivational device for health and fitness enthusiasts on the go and individuals interested in enhancing as well as maintaining their health and well-being.

The Omron HJ-203 has 2D smart sensor technology. This amazing feature allows you to know exactly when you’re taking a step. It is actually more precise than other pedometers that use a simple pendulum design. The HJ-203 suitably helps walkers keep track of their daily fitness achievements.

Omron HJ-203 Features and Benefits

  • Tracks step count, distance walked, calories and fat grams burned
  • Can  be placed in the pocket, bag, purse or hanged around the neck
  • Activity Tracker – Tracks exercise results for a specific time period for those who want to see the results of their timed exercise; one activity measurement is stored at a time
  • Auto Stride – Stride length is recommended by entering height and weight; stride also can be entered manually
  • 7-day memory – Stores seven days of information
  • Sleep mode extends battery life after 5 minutes while continuing to count steps
  • Features a clock and automatically resets at midnight
  • Also available in black, purple and yellow

Omron HJ-203 Specification Sheet

Read the instruction manual for Omron HJ-203 before you buy it.

Here is an owner review on Amazon.

Small accurate fun pedometer, June 15, 2010

I love my little pedometer! It’s just the added motivation to get moving that I needed.
The HJ-203 is small and light, with an easy to read large display.
Benefits are:
– Accurately counts steps whether it is in my pocket, on my belt, or in my purse.
– Fastens securely with a locking clip
– 7 day history for steps, distance, & calories (with a separate counting for exercise/action mode)
– Special mode for exercise – this really helped accuracy while running!

I would highly recommend this pedometer. And as a fun feature, if you make the 10,000 step goal, there is a small figure on the display celebrating your accomplishment!

As long as the price of the Omron HJ-203 is above $25, the shipping is free on Amazon.

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